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    fly fight and die with honour

  • It's odd you know. Every now and again Jumpgate just pops into my head. I could be down the pub, watching TV or driving to work or whatever and...blam...there it is. In the words of the mighty metallica..."sad but true".

  • GMIstvan re the post: Istvan, please look at this

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to the thread that used to be here with the same title.

    NetDevil's apparent historical inability to do all the things that the player community insists have to be done for Jumpgate to survive is always going to be based on one of the following two general points:

    (1) NetDevil (or its partners) lack the resources to immediately accomplish the obviously necessary tasks.

    (2) NetDevil (or its partners) disagree with the opinion that the task is necessary.

    For the most part, what I listed as "#1" is usually the case. NetDevil has always been interested in building Jumpgate to the potential it should have had if the game's release had gone better and the publishers done well. Rest assured that if and when the resources become available, NetDevil will act.

    NetDevil will do this because we love Jumpgate, too. People here have worked very hard to keep the game running when most companies would have just turned the thing off years ago as an old game that wasn't making magic heaps of cashola. NetDevil didn't do that. We're not giving up, we're not shutting it down, and they can't take the sky from us. Please understand that you, our players and customers, do not need to continue to rant and complain to us with vitriol and anger about what you think we're not doing. I know your frustration is based on love for a game you think is dying. Be aware that we have no plans at all to shut Jumpgate down. Therefore, the game will be here to be filled with whatever attitudes you bring to it.

    You've told us already, years ago, what you think we should be doing. We heard you. We do know what the score is, and I have made a list of many things that need to be done. NetDevil as a company is working on other game projects and learning many other things from doing that. We will be bringing these lessons back to Jumpgate. As it becomes possible, and resources become available, things will happen. Things that will make you happier.

    I know that I have said things like this before, and we have all continued doing the same old things and playing the same old game. I know that months of seeing tiny little changes and years of waiting get tiresome. Familiarity breeds contempt, and boredom engenders frustration. Frustration is a source of anger, and anger puts members of the community at each others' throats for no good reason.

    Everyone needs to take a step back and breathe.

    Breathe. Relax. Smell the air.

    Do you smell something?

    I smell changes.

    Don't you guys think that there's a reason I haven't been able to keep up my self-assigned patch schedule?
    I will be making announcements in 2007. Watch for them, o ye of little faith.


  • . . . “We're taking things that we learned with Auto Assault and Jumpgate in order to breath new life into that project,” noted Brown. He was noticeably enthusiastic about the prospect of re-energizing the company's freshman effort, and commented that “major changes to graphics and AI are the main upgrades planned for Jumpgate.”

    Somethings got to happen, even I stopped playing (still paying just not playing) in favour of whizzing around in a freelancer mod 24/7 rp universe (yay I got me a serenity to fly)..

  • Hot air and plenty of it...

    graphics and AI isnt what the game needs...

    Oh the AI is prety dumb but the AI enemy can be overpowering and the graphics do look like utter crap by todays standards but there not the major concern for the game.

    One fact remains as true today as when the game launched... it cant support that many people concurently. Get enough people in a sector and youll lag considerably, have them fight and youll crash something.

    Even so,that isnt the major problem, whats realy missing is fresh gameplay options. Something to breathe new life into the communety. A new set of features that people have never used in the game and they would have to learn how to bring out the true potential of the game by means of tactics.

    The current system is still the best in any game... were skill can trump the odds. A handfull of players can defeat an army of noobs with minimal losses. This is the way to go but it lacks variety. There are no strategic ships like the corvetes or capital ships promised so long ago.

    Graphics and AI will help, heck in the current state of the game most any change they do to improve it will help, but without new blood (both player and content wise) this game will never grow to the level it once had... let alone surpase it.

  • the lag issues cold be resolved if they are re-writing the code from scratch. They have had the time to do it with only 1 major patch given this year. Of course, with netdevil at the helm...... I beieve they would be the first to create a titanic mmorpg

  • lag is a minor issue.
    Any game that considers lag to be the only problem will have a solid foundation in wich to build... either that or missguided management.

    Unfortunatly that does seem to be one of netdevil's flaws. They have the skills to pull off good games, they've proved it. But there project management side seems to have some issues.
    Probably a case of "too many cheifs and not enough indians" going on the the company.

    Pure speculation on my part smile
    Personally i hope they get there ass in gear and either upgrade jumpgate or come out with the sequel. Cos i need a new game to sink my teeth into and the only 2 good ones on the horizon are still years away.

  • News From The Empire
    The following message was received from the Octavian Empire:

    Pilot Caitifff,

    It has come to your Emperors attention that you service to the Empire during
    the recovery of agent Sharissa from Hyperial was above and beyond the call of
    duty. His Majesty has therefore seen fit to reward you with the National Honours
    medal in recognition of your outstanding service.

    If you would care to come go Great Pillars station on 103.06.06 I will be
    pleased to award the medal in person on his Majesties behalf. You may contact
    my office over the Private Messaging network to arrange a mutually agreeable

    Congratulations pilot. Your deeds serve as an inspiration to us all!


    Cicero Rnenta.

    Speaker for Martius and loyal servant of the true Emperor.

    Congratulations Flight Officer Caitifff, you've done us proud! RAH!!!!

    Grand Admiral KronenBorg,

    Fly, Fight and Die with Honour.

    Promotions In Wing 1
    Squad Memorandum from the desk of Commander Jetset.

    Good morning pilots, I wish to announce the following promotions in wing 1.

    Flight Officers Bluerey and FoxoneX to Senior Lt.

    Senior Lt Keemas to Master Lt.

    Grats Pilots.

    Commander: Jetset1

    Training Wing Promotions
    Thanks to the recomendations of Squad Mentor Sandgod, Jetset had the pleasure of announcing the following promotions from the training wing:

    Lara to Wing 1.

    Maugan RA and B.N to Wing 2.

    Hoax, NOS, and Dark, to Wing 3.

    Grats pilots, serve your wings well.

    Frontline News On The DoR War
    Hello and Welcome to this 'Frontline News' Bulletin

    The last 48 hours has seen intense fighting between Fatal Shadows and the pirate squad -DoR-

    Hostilities stepped up a gear 48 hours ago when pilots Hittman and NOS_595 engaged and downed pilot Niha of -DoR- in the Outskirts sector near GBS, Hittman getting the kill shot.

    Approximately 24 hours ago there was a series of further skirmishs between a Fatal Shadow Patrol and Bountied Criminals from DoR.

    Pilot Stinger and MoonR were both engaged by the patrol of Hittman, FoxOneX, and NOS_595 in solrain space, but the DoR managed to escape on both occasions in their Ranger class ships. Later on near the end of the patrol Stinger was observed getting a further bounty in the Gurge sector, this time piloting a Phoenix class Fighter.

    The patrol chased him to Ring View sector, where FoxOneX is confirmed as getting the kill shot

    *NEWSFLASH* This just in... Their are reports that a Battle has just taken place in the Outpost Sector of Octavia.

    There were confirmed reports of a large -DoR- wing operating in Dark Gateway sector. It is understood that they encountered 2 Fatal Shadows Tensys piloted by Hittman and -Hoax- in Dark Gateway and a pursuit followed to Outpost where both the Tensys managed to dock.

    Fatal Shadows reinforcements were on station and nearby converging on OP sector. The Fatal Shadows wing launched in to OP sector and a brutal dogfight began with the DoR force waiting outside. It is believed the Fatal Shadows force consisted of Hittman, -Hoax-, Archduke, and ?BN-, fighting force from DoR that included TheMannis, Wulverine, and hard2get.

    The Mannis, and hard2get were quickly dispatched, with Archduke and ?Hoax- getting the kill shots, while Wulverine managed to dock at Outpost under heavy fire. In the confusion ?Hoax- had killed an unbountied DoR, hard2get, so now had some explaining to do to the Octavian Authorities, who launched a Defense Drone from the Station which was quickly downed by Hittman.

    Hittman, and Archduke then escorted ?Hoax- while he worked off his accidental crime by completing transport missions for Octavia. With the bounty successfully worked off the wing then set course again for Outpost where they ran in to a further ?DoR-, MoonR who was alone in the Rim sector. His Tensy was downed swiftly, -Hoax- getting a further kill to add to his DoR tally

    So it has been a very good 48 hours for Fatal Shadows who have downed 5 DoR Fighters and Bombers without taking a single casualty.

    That concludes this Bulletin, we will be back with more news of any more battles as it happens, so stay tuned to Frontline News

    - reported from the frontline by Pilot Hittman, "if it's Flux or a Snot, it's gonna get shot!"

    The Second Fatal Shadows Tournament
    The Tournament has finally been completed, so here is a run down of all the winners

    Melee (2 weeks ago)

    Winner Melee: Bohemia

    2nd Kronenborg

    3rd Fian-Skybreaker

    Most Kills: Fian-Skybreaker : 3 kills

    Congratulations to Bohemia who won a Fatal Shadows 'Endurance and Skill'
    medal, and 3.2M prize money

    Congratulations to Fian-Skybreaker who got the 'Honours Badge' for most
    kills and will receive 250k prize money

    Group Fight (3v3)

    The Teams were:

    Team A: Bohemia, Cpt_Blood, -BN-

    Team B: Bluerey, Jetset, -Hoax-

    Team C: MK-1106, Fian, Tingle

    Team D: Hittman, Kronenborg, FlashyMav


    Team A v Team B : Team B Won

    Team C v Team D : Team C Won


    Team B v Team C : Team C Won

    Congratulations to MK, Fian, and Tingle of Team C who each receive a FS 'Tactical
    Pride' medal and will collect 1M prize money each

    Sport of Kings (1v1)

    First Round:

    Heat A

    Hittman v Cpt Blood - Hittman won

    MK-1106 v -Hoax- - MK-1106 won

    Heat B

    Bohemia v Tingle - Bohemia won

    Bluerey v Kronenborg - Bluerey won

    Heat C

    Jetset v Fian - Fian won

    Keemas9 v -Lara- - Lara won

    Quarter Finals:

    Hittman v MK-1106 - MK-1106 won

    Bohemia v Bluerey - Bluerey won

    Fian v Lara - Fian won

    3 Way Eliminator (each pilot fights the other 2 in turn)

    MK-1106 Won 2 Lost 0

    Bluerey Won 1 Lost 1

    Fian Won 0 Lost 2 (eliminated)


    MK-1106 v Bluerey - MK-1106 Won

    Congratulations to MK-1106 who collects a FS 'PvP Tournament Winner'
    Medal and a cool 6M in prize money , and to Bluerey who collects a FS 'PvP
    Tournament Runner-up' medal

    Thanks to everyone who took part for making it a great tournament, and a special
    thanks to the pilots that did the Aman Cargo mission a few weeks ago for donating
    2.2M of their earnings in prize money, and to FlashyMav for stepping in at the
    last minute to make up the teams in Group Fight tonight.

    And lastly, but most importantly, thanks to Hittman for some very good organising.

    Promotions In Wing 1

    I have great pleasure in announcing the following promotions within Wing 1.

    Archduke promoted to Master Lt.
    Fuxinator promoted to Master Lt.
    Hittman promoted to Senior Lt.
    Keemas promoted to Senior Lt.

    ColinR has also accepted a drop in rank to Senior Lt. While he is a more than capable Major, other commitments have kept him from flying with us on a regular basis for some time. To allow a more active pilot to assume his duties he has kindly agreed to this sidestep.

    So, in his place I am delighted to announce that Dementia is now promoted to Major.

    Well done to all pilots, do Wing 1 proud !

    Thanks to Lt Cmdr's Hekaron and Fian-Skybreaker for their input on these promotions.

    Cmdr Jetset.

    Commander Tingle
    Since his return to us from flux space, Commander Tingle has been seen acting "strangely" to say the least. With a total of number of flux kills at zero in two weeks something should have rung the alarm bells earlier I guess.

    He has now been found guilty of stealing TRI data and transmitting it through anomalies, which concerns me a great deal.

    TRI have at this time been unable to capture Tingle to question him further, and thus have placed a bounty on him to ensure his swift return (in a pod) to Sol space, where they will detain and question him.

    Unfortunately I cannot argue with this logic.

    Until this matter is cleared up, Tingle has been releaved of his Rank and duties, and is KOS for us, as well as the rest of the universe.

    Promotions In Wing 2
    Commander Tingle announced the following;

    The followinh pilots are promoted from ensign to flight officers within wing two.
    big gratz man, do the squad proud.

    Simtech 76

    Promotions In Wing 1
    Commander Jetset announced the following;

    I wish to announce the following promotions to flight officer in Wing 1.


    Congratulations Pilots.

    Cmdr Jetset.

    In an attempt to cut down on our ever escalating squad running cost, the following
    pilots will be released from active duty due to inactivity at the end of the week


    Lord Pasen


















    If any of you are still around stick a post on the board to let me know and
    I'll not drop you. If any of you return to the JG universe in the feature just
    reapply, we'll always be glad to have you along.

    Grand Admiral KronenBorg

    Fly, Fight and Die with Honour.

    Promotions in Wing 1
    Commander Jetset was proud to announce the following squad promotions in Wing 1:

    Dementia Promoted to Master Lieutenant.

    Archduke and Rufel Promoted to Senior Lieutenant.

    Keemas to Flight Officer.

    Congratulations pilots. Fly with Honour.

    We Weren\'t Doing Anything
    In response to TRI's allegations that we have been tampering with their property we have the following statement to release:

    "It wasn't us, we weren't there, you can't prove anything"

    Jetset was merely mining, and being a proud Octavian, had mistakenly thought you could mine in a Ranger while pressed against a roid. An easy mistake to make. So there.

    A CALL TO ARMS - Esquire and the HLA
    ?Octavian scum have impurified TRI long enough?

    These words. The words that come so easily to Esquire, they hide nothing. His actions are those of a traitor to TRI, but his words reveal his true feelings. He hates Octavia. Octavians are ?scum?, Octavians are ?impure?. His words.

    He cannot stand to see the mighty Octavian Empire represented in TRI and this is why he chose to attack only those TRI delegates wearing Octavian red. Calling them ?treacherous? whilst in his murderous rage. Yet somehow his actions are not treacherous, somehow he is the pure light that can save TRI, somehow he can fix everything!

    And what does he have to say about brave Octavian warriors? During the bloody war that eventually saw Hyperial liberated from the Conflux invaders the Fatal Shadows fought side by side with many pilots of all factions. We saw Octavian ships, Solrain ships and Quantar ships destroyed. We saw the bodies floating amongst the wreckage, many of them brave Octavians. We saw the charred remains of Octavian shock troops that will never see the inside of the Outpost bar again! What does Esquire have to say?

    ?...take the lack of Octavian cooperation in the liberation of Hyperial?

    It seems like death is a lack of cooperation.

    The Fatal Shadows have had enough of this blatant hatred! Our squad has a strong Octavian representation who drink and fight side by side with their Solrain brothers and none of us are fooled by Esquire!

    This man does not understand Octavians. How can he possibly hope to represent them in the new order he is striving to create. Easy, he has no intention of allowing Octavia to play any part in his brave new world!
    So now is the time to put a stop to this. The Fatal Shadows will no longer allow Esquire to fill his shuttles with

    Octavian ?materials?. We will no longer allow his shuttles, escorted by UKM mercenary scum, to fill his base at Hyperial station keeping him in, no doubt, luxury whilst he plots further despotic attacks on the Glory that is Octavia.



    Command - Fatal Shadows
    Pilot nim, Fatal Shadows (EU)

    Promotion time again!
    Based on the recommendations of Commanders FlashyMav and Sikes, the following pilots are to be promoted:

    Wing 1
    Jetset to Lieutenant Commander
    Nerzul to Major
    Darksaber to Senior Lieutenant
    Dementia to Flight Officer

    Wing 2
    Cpt_Blood to Lieutenant Commander
    Imp_Gonzo to Major
    Nim to Master Lieutenant
    Hekeron to Master Lieutenant
    MK-1106 to Senior Lieutenant
    Drakhan to Senior Lieutenant
    Alkemist to Flight Officer

    and a very important one

    FlashyMav to Grand Admiral (saves me a lot of work! )

    Congratulations to all pilots involved.

    Grand Admiral KronenBorg

    (Yep, of course I'm joking about the GA one!! )

    Planet Jumpgate in trouble?!
    Please visit [link] to see the bad news! And then sign up (if you can) to get it back.
    The game would never be the same without it... ffs, I might get time to fly my crappy Nix if I'm not reading news all the time!!

    Promotions all round!
    There are alot of them, due to the massive clear out (anyone notice we dropped from 75 to 50 members?).

    So here goes, and here's hoping I don't miss any!

    Wing 1, under the Command of Bleachin.

    Lorez to Lieutenant Commander
    jetset1 and ColinR to Major
    Barrow, Coran and Fian-Skyb to Master Lieutenant
    Moonpie, Bloodmoon and Nerzul to Senior Lieutenant
    Archduke0, Dominique, Fuxinator, Kazon, Heighton, Isolator and Mashin1 to flight officer

    Wing 2, under the Command of FlashyMav.

    Tingle to Lieutenant Commander
    Cpt-Blood to Major
    Torq to Master Lieutenant
    Enck and Nim to Senior Lieutenant
    asparagus, Bugslayer, Hekeron, Rufel to Flight Officer

    As some of you may spot, this leaves the two wings a bit uneven, especially with Tels departure (just after he had removed all the staff above him!! wink ). Command will be rectifying this shortly (hopefully!)

    Grand Admiral KronenBorg.

    Contratulations Sikes
    Congratulations go out to Lieutenant Commander Sikes, who is the first member of the squad to obtain the allisuve rank of Optimus!

    Well done m8, from the whole squad!!

    New Members
    Welcome to our newest members Hekaron, Maschin1, Bugslayer and Isolator. Fly with honour pilots.

    An End To The War
    The hostilities between ourselves and the Det-Saw/Red Dwarfers alliance has ended. We have now signed off a number of aggreements with these two squads, while TRI continue to investigate our... the JumpDrive while agreeing to keep all parties informed.

    An eye witness report on the final confrontation on from Major Tingle follows:

    "Oct were to launch from OP, Sol from Wake, to meet up in DG. Launched and made our way to DG , met up with Kro and banzaii who had just jumped the science station from Greater Arm. And then the octs joined us. After a few minutes the PP on the jump drive blewup(too much power in the coupling?) rendering banzaii imobile and his shields low (with help from barrow).

    Next a large force of RD DS jumped into the sector, realised what was happening and started demanding "their" engines back, obviously we refused , cause as Kro put it "they aint got your [rs/ds] names on em".
    They tried all sorts to get us to hand em over, from threatening to blowup the tow banz was in, to promises of free or reduced prices on the entertainment ship Red Dwarf "reduced jacuzzi's and free cinema tickets for all FS".
    Things became quite tense for a while, we started identifying targets amongst their fleet, banzaii started identifying ways of getting some power to his normal engines and found 29% speed by "borrowing" power from the beacon so he could make a get away if things turned nasty. Unfortunately this attracted the attention of TRI, perhaps they monitor the spacewaves, perhaps they noticed the fluctuations in the power of the beacons, perhaps it was just chance because of the arti hunt. What ever the reason first one then two, then three Tri Enforcer ships entered the sector escorted by several Black guards. They focussed on banzaii in his tow and demanded all of the technology , claiming it was TRI property.

    (Picture a three way standoff like The Good the bad and the ugly, include the sweat and all of the tension and u will get some idea, but with 20 ships a side).

    We would have gotten away with it if it wasn?t for them pesky TRI, but we had no choice as the engines could have been destroyed, and in the end we brokered a deal with TRI to give them the engines and the research, if they would keep us informed of the developments , RD/DS agreeed if they could have a copy of the research (look forward to muchos free entertainment on their hotel ship).

    We were all escorted back to Wake , where luckily I have a tab at the bar, jolities with RD/DS ensued and we have signed a peace agreement with them which was announced over KTRI : channel. I may never be able to pay off the creds I spent that night Im sure I had 55mil before the mission and woke up with about 5mil.

    TRI took the engines to their secret base, (we didn?t tell em we stole ..err borrowed, or was loaned by an informer the coupling schmatics from the enforcer ship) we will have to wait to see how they handle the engine."

    A group of promotions were announced to pilots who had
    shown honour in their actions within the squad so far.
    Pilots receiving an advance in rank were as follows:

    Shadow Wing 1's promotions:

    Renko is promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    Scourge is promoted to Major

    LoRez is promoted to Major

    Telengo is promoted to Master Lieutenant

    ColinR is promoted to Master Lieutenant

    jetset1 is promoted to Master Lieutenant

    Coran is promoted to Senior Lieutenant

    Fian-Skyb is promoted to Senior Lieutenant

    Barrow is promoted to Senior Lieutenant

    Dingbat is promoted to Flight Officer

    Nerzul is promoted to Flight Officer

    Darksaber is promoted to Flight Officer

    Lordpassen is promoted to Flight Officer

    Bloodmoon is promoted to Flight Officer

    moonpie is promoted to Flight Officer

    Commander FlashyMav has put forward

    the following promotions for Shadow Wing 2:

    Tingle is promoted to Major

    Jalfrezi is promoted to Master Lieutenant

    Imp_Gonzo is promoted to Master Lieutenant

    TorQ is promoted to Senior Lieutenant

    Data-Warp is promoted to Flight Officer

    nim is promoted to Flight Officer

    Starglow is promoted to Flight Officer

    xts is promoted to Flight Officer

    Congratulations to all the afformentioned pilots. Well flown.

    Training Wing

    Vimes has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander and placed in charge of the Training Wing. All new members will report to (and /mentor with) Vimes until he feels they're fit to join Wing 1 or 2. Good luck Vimes, u'll need it!

    Fatal Shadows have sustained relatively few casualties during the 4 week engagement with the evil forces of Det-Saw and Red Dwarfers.

    FS Wasps ...
    A small group of FS Wasps recently caused mayhem in the centre of the Quant Sector by flipping beacons to both aid the Octavian Faction Mission and also enrage any Quant who's nose wasn't so far up a roid they could see what was happening.


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