• Wow got it's very first "Choose turn in this quest at NPC-A for one ending and NPC-B for another ending" quest during the Halloween event (even though the outcome was the same), but this game is full of them.

    Also LOVED the bit when we were playing as a group, and I won the roll for saying "No payment is necessary, thanks" that made Mort flip out (because he was skint)! cheesey

    Here's a list of the English language servers for the test weekend - no guarantee these will stay English or PvE (no RP servers were up for the test). Pick 3, and try to roll characters on them in that order (so we know where everyone is). I propose Exis Station, Lenico Gargantuan, The Cinzia.
    Kissai Caste
    Flames Of The Crucible
    Murakami Orchid
    Dreypa's Oubliette
    Handmaidens Of Atris
    Lenico Gargantuan
    Rogue Moon
    Dorin Sky
    Exis Station
    The Cinzia
    Adari Vaal

    These two were PvP during the test
    Gnawer's Roost
    The Queen Of Ranroon

  • So today I played a smuggler to level 9 and I liked it a lot more than the Sith warrior. Also met some less-useless people to help with a "hero" quest. How did you guys like the weekend, still wanting to buy/play?


    I played all of Friday night and some of Saturday morning. Sometimes I felt like I was playing a SP game like Mass Effect or something. very different to Aion, Rift or Wow but in general I liked it a lot. Not sure I will carry on down the Seer path though, because it feels very much like a SP game, I think I will go down the DPS route.

    I am certainly going to ask for this game for Xmas so i will play when it comes out.

    I was playing on the Lenico Gargantuan server Colin....Friday queue was 20 minutes, Saturday afternoon was 10 hours! Didn't play again after Saturday afternoon as it was too full to get on.

  • Managed to get a couple of hours to have a look at this on saturday night. Unfortunatly the frame rate made it unplayable as anything other than single player ( i would have driven anyone else in a group with me mad!!).

    This it itself doesnt put me off, as my base machine is fine (Quad core Intel, 3GB ram etc) it's just my graphics card which is the weak link that ive got no issue in upgrading.

    Initial thoughts - I could probably really enjoy this, nagging doubs are that I would probably end up playing solo most of the time, as will only be able to play an evening or (Max) 2 per week, so doubtful I will keep up with others in the guild.

    Question then is, am I prepared to pay a monthly subscription to solo my way thorugh an RPG that looks very much like all other Bioware PRG's that dont have a monthly fee.....

    Undecided, but interested I think would describe my current feelings smile

  • Does anybody know what happens if you play a Republic char in such a way that you ramp up all dark side points or vice versa? I don't suppose you can "tip" a Jedi over to become a Sith...

  • I did get the feeling that it plays like your standard singler player RPG. This can be good or bad depending on an individuals' perspective. For me it's good.

    The game draws you in with the story and allows you to team up with others in order to share that story, but it is not required. So you team up if you want to, not because you have to; which is incredibly refreshing.
    There are still heroic and group missions across the board to co-operate on, so it caters to those who prefer to team without compromising the story of your character for those that dont (or can't); which is a simple and elegant solution to keep both groups happy.

    When it comes out it will be comapred with WoW, that much is inevitable. Between the travel system, mailboxes and inns (aka cantinas) there are enough paralells to make even the most hard core fan think twice about saying that TOR took no inspiration from WoW. Personally i dont care much if it did (which it did), the systems work and thats that.

    The one thing i dont like much is the restrictive weapon choices linking particular lightsabers with certain classes (never was a fan of the double bladed saber) but i supose i can live with it.

    At any rate...

    Not shure if the jedy Shadow will be my first choice on launch. The stealth is great but mostely for reckon (at least at lower levels). There is something undeniabely cool about running up to a group of oponents waving your hand and having the whole party enter stealth on the run smile

    In the end all classes look great, so while i dont know if theres anything to keep me playing after im done with the story lines i do know i'll enjoy it until i finish them smile


  • I dont think you can switch sides, doubt the story is that flexible.

  • Loved and hated it....didn't have enough time to form an opinion but was wanting to play more.
    Trouble is as is with all the low levels,just a bunch of running around not knowing where your going in order to get to the good stuff in the higher levels(Which i didn't).
    Seems as I get older there is less time to play these games as the real world is alot more demanding than it used to be,so for now no I won't be taking this any further it just didn't grip me enough.

  • Shame, that Malice sad

    Personally I thought it was/is awesome! The storyline is great, at least for Jedi Knight it is. I tried both Guardian and Sentinel and decided I shall role Sentinel when it launches, Guardian couldn't tank very well and not enough dps. I love the crew skills part, when I had 3 companions sending 2 off on crafting/gathering tasks whilst having the third accompany me is brilliant. You can soon run out of credits though, being in a group with Colin doesn't help with that wink

    Getting your own ship is fun too knowing how to navigate the galaxy and more importantantly docking and exiting took some finding. Turns out you just click on the exit door and it takes you to a scenematic of you landing/docking and puts you in the docking bay. I was running around my ship for ages before I sussed that one out!! wink

    So I definiteley playing this one come mid December!

  • Well... the beta weekend is over...
    ... so come on everyone, spill it! What did you try and what did you think about it?

    I'll go first i guess...

    Jedi Shadow:
    Lacking any healing powers (that i saw) and dressed in light armour, that offers about as much protection as a wet paper towel, this class seems to be all about getting the upper hand at the start of a fight and then overpowering the enemy. The best defence is a good offence; it also seems to be the only recourse cause you certainly cant heal yourself asside from medpacks.

    The available abilities favour a control style combat aproach. It's not so much about focusing on all out damage as it is trying to keep the target off balance. I would recomend trying it out, but not as a first toon.

    Sith Inquisitor:
    The coucelors' counterpart, i didnt get this one very far but it is prety much the same thing. powers have diferent names and effects but the same purpose. They do look cooler on the sith though, hurling lightning is considerably more satisfying then throwing pebles and whatever junk you pull out of the ground. The sith powers also seem to have shorter animations so combat seems more fluid. Definately worth a try.

    Didnt get very far with this one. Story seemed nice and seemed to have more moral dilemas then the Jedi. Felt powerfull but i ran out of time so didnt get a proper feel for it.

    Thats it for me, anyone else care to share?

  • Ok in the same format as Static then wink

    Jedi Guardian:
    Can't tank with it, can't dps with it at present. Got mine to level 18 and my droid companion tanks and dps' better than him. Maybe it's the talents I chose but in the groups the dps was forever stealing aggro. I hope this is something they will balance out though.

    Jedi Sentinel:
    Does much more dps than my guardian which allowed me to use my droid companion to tank harder mobs (he has a threat generating ability). Using 2 lightsabers is also quite cool.

    Both guardian and sentinel get a heal over time ability avaiable every 20 minutes and strangely I found the sentinel has another chance-to-heal (himself and party) ability. With both I found the droid companion to be the best companion. I have decided to role Sentinel as my first char though as I had more fun and less deaths with him.

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