• This Raid will be for level 60+. Those of you with 70s will be welcome to join, but it'd probably be more of a challenge to take your highest non-70 (considering that druids and pallys have soloed Onyxia). Additionally, the attunement is quite a lengthy run, and one part of it (The Jailbreak intial break) is extremely tough without a great tank. The attunement is the lengthiest that I'm aware of in the game, and will need to take place over several sessions.

    I shall be taking Pegraath (a healer) on the Attunement, and would like to take him on the Onyxia run, but if we wipe too much I can bring Conzar (Affliction Warlock) who is already attuned. Please post with the character you will be taking on the raid and their spec. Also post a level 70 alternative with their spec ONLY if they are ALREADY attuned.

    Attunement For Onyxia's Lair

    This is from

    The key to get into Onyxia's Lair is the Drakefire Amulet - the first step is to check if the character you want to take already has it, if they do take another character!

    Get the flight points to:
    Winterspring, Lakeshire, Stormwind (which you really should have by 60!), Burning Steppes (not essential before you start as step 1 starts at the flightpoint)
    Winterpring's flight point can be a pain to get. Druids have it easy - Teleport to Moonglade and run. Other characters are not so lucky. Check out the rep rewards of Timbermaw Hold ( [link] ). If they have something you want, kill the ill Furbolg outside until you are "Unfriendly" with them, turning in feathers as you go (500 rep needed takes a few minutes). If not, either get the rep anyway, fight your way through (not a good idea at 60) or nude resrun through.

    The quests can be clearly be broken down into chunks of quests that can be done solo or in groups:

    1. Alliance Crest [54] Dragonkin Menace (kill dragonkin - quicker in a group like all slaying quests, but easily soloable)
    2. Alliance Crest [54] The True Masters (1) (non-combat to Lakeshire)
    3. Alliance Crest [54] The True Masters (2) (non-combat to Stormwind)
    4. Alliance Crest [54] The True Masters (3) (non-combat contintues in Stormwind)
    5. Alliance Crest [54] The True Masters (4) (non-combat to Lakeshire)
    6. Alliance Crest [54] The True Masters (5) (non-combat to Burning Steppes)
    7. Alliance Crest [54] The True Masters (6) (continues in Burning Steppes)

    PLEASE do up to this point on your own time. It really is dead easy even with a level 55. Go and do it now in fact cheesey

    Attunement Day One (21st September)
    Group up! This will be covered on Attunement Day One.
    8. Alliance Crest [54] Marshal Windsor (kill High Interrogator Gerstahn for the key or pick the lock. We pay Windsor a visit and back to Maxwell)
    9. Alliance Crest [54] Abandoned Hope (at Maxwell and it looks like the end of the questline - it isn't)

    We head back to the entrance to Black Rock Depths and start slaying mobs (quarry slaves) OUTSIDE the instance door until we all get the Crumpled Up Note quest item. Quite a high drop rate so doesn't take long.

    10. Alliance Crest [58] A Crumpled Up Note (we take the note to Windsor)
    11. Alliance Crest [58] A Shred of Hope (one drop each from Golem Lord Argelmach (golem workshop) and General Angerforge (West Garrison))
    12. Alliance Crest [58] Jail Break! (the hard part!)

    This is broken down into a number of steps:
    Hunters should take a tanking pet for this. Clear the Jail area. It is a circular area near the start of BRD. There is a central chamber full of dogs, and a few named mobs patrolling it. All of it needs to be cleared. The mobs hang around in groups of 3 or 4 so it isn't too strenuous with some CC. Clear all of this area without fail including patrols, the next fight is hard enough without adds coming.
    Windsor has been in prison so has no gear, he goes to where his gear has been stored, and a bunch of dwarves are waiting in ambush...and there are loads for a 5 man group. CC is key here. All CC available to the party should be used at some point (though I don't think sapping will be possible). Chain Polymorph immediately, pull any more mobs out into the corridor, drop Stoneclaw totems, have a Voidwalker/Pet engage one, Chain Fear (why you clear the prison), then repeat: Mage Frost Nova, Warlock group fear (Howl Of Terror), Mage Frost Nova, Warrior group fear, Mage Frost Nova, Priest group fear, fighting any mob that sticks around. Locks should drop Curse Of Weakness on any mob that engages Windsor, healers keep Windsor topped up with Hots. Shaman definitely use their Ankh should they die. Have Healers Soulstoned if possible. Of course, skip any part of the above CC as your group may not have the relevant capability.

    After this the group can be disbanded.

    13. Alliance Crest [60] Stormwind Rendezvous (meet Squire Rowe at the entrance to Stormwind)
    14. Alliance Crest [60] The Great Masquerade (protect Windsor in Stormwind Keep)
    I'm not sure if this step is actually failable...as you walk through the streets of Stormwind you WILL pick up interested people, who will help and ask to group with you, or just follow for the fight at the end. If you are alone at this point you COULD "/yell Onyxia outing in Stormwind" to guarantee assistance if it's late at night or whatever.

    Attunement Day Additional (may be possible on day one if people have time)
    Group up again! Though you rogues/druids/mages may not need due to stealthing others may require assistance.
    15. Alliance Crest [60] The Dragon's Eye (find Haleh in Winterspring)
    She is at the bottom of a cave in Mazthoril in Winterspring. It ISN'T an instance, so if we have more than 5 players wanting to go at this point we will form a Raid, and disband it once we're through to Haleh.
    16. UBRS attunement. We need the Seal Of Ascension and it's 3 gems. If time is short, we'll borrow Noti and his key cheesey
    Vaelen before the first bridge in LBRS has the quest (though you may need the Unadorned Seal Of Ascension to start the quest).
    Gemstone of Spirestone - Highlord Omokk
    Gemstone of Bloodaxe - Overlord Wyrmthalak
    Gemstone of Smolderthorn - War Master Voone
    Unadorned Seal Of Ascension can drop from any mob in LBRS. So we kill anything on our way to the named mobs above. One person picks up the Seal, and they also pick up the Gems, so they have to be in attendance from start to finish.

    Attunement Day Two

    Now we raid for real, this ought to take place on a separate day to the other parts of the attunement.
    17. Alliance Crest [60] Drakefire Amulet

    This is a lengthy raid, and the first time I did it was my first raid. There are a few quests that have their objectives in Upper Blackrock Spire, if there is enough interest we can do those too.

    Once we are done in UBRS we have to head back to Haleh, and may as well keep the raid together for the revisit if we possibly can.

    If anybody needs to drop out of these admittedly quite lengthy stages, I'll be glad to help out with Conzar once I'm done with Pegraath's attunement (and I'm sure many other Shadows would help in the same way) although the final raid IS a significant time comittment that probably can't be soloed with a 70 to get someone through it.

    Once we have enough interest and Attunement, the next step is the main event - Onyxia!

  • Interested groups:

    DPS 1: Calador
    DPS 2: Innersakura
    DPS 3: Marrigan
    Healer: Pegraath

    Tank: (Maelgwyn)*
    DPS 1: (Agravain)*
    DPS 2: (Rhys)*
    DPS 3: (Noti)

    DPS 1:
    DPS 2:
    DPS 3:

    * = delete two marked with *

  • Just need the UBRS run with Noti (have the Key). Might be able to help out on sunday, not sure tho´. Btw, the Onyxia attunement will be removed in WotLK (due to the returnig of "the King of Stormwind"...to Stormwind. (would cause some lore troubles I guess)

  • I got warlock, warrior and priest all at 60, my others probably too high for this really.

  • Hmmm...key to UBRS? Damn. I'll look into seeing what's needed for the key. (Done and updated post.)
    As I mentioned in the main post, I'd rather not take a 70 (especially someone as well geared as Noti is) as it just won't be as challenging and the 60s won't feel as big a sense of accomplishment (does that make sense?).

    What spec is the priest (healer/damage)? Is the Warrior a tank or dps?

  • holy priest, arms warrior but don't mind to respec

  • Hope fully it won't be necessary, as respeccing can harm solo levelling performance, but the Tank area is looking sadly lacking (what a surprise!).

    Anyway, this thread has now been moved to the Harmony forum, Groups And Events section.

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