• I hear sparrows chirping that the WoW guild of yours could use a tank.

    I could devote 2 evenings a week for you, probably more than that, but I cannot guarantee more then 2. I play 2v2 arenas and that does take a day or two off the week. I tend to arrange things to fit around the WoW (unlike most people who do otherwise), so my schedule is flexible, provided I know raiding times in advance.

    Some of you know me from the game already, and they can say weather I'm worthy smile

    If he is deemed worthy, Grendmiren the warrior is ready to switch colors.

    What do I know about WoW? well, I started with a mage few weeks after TBC came out. It was my main for a long time, untill Yog Saron fell. The mage still lingers in Defias Brotherhood. However, since Blizzard switched off crowd control, it became boring to play mages.

    There was a disco priest too, dwarven healer - I never played shadow. No self-respecting dwarf would!

    Then a warlock, a proof of concept that everything in WoW is soloable by this class and yields soulshards. The proof failed. There are few exceptions smile

    The warrior is the youngest. Levelled it up as tank, never took any dps gear.
    So don't ask me for dps off-spec. I have no gear, and not a slightest idea how to dps as a warrior.

    PS. I'm male, and old.

  • Hi Grendmiren,

    Thanks for your post, contact myself(Rhuawn), Knysbart, Conzar or Bjornes in game to discuss this further. smile

  • 9 years ago

    I heard you are after a DK tank ?
    Well here i am , would need to get some quick research done but have lots of experience in raids as dps and healer so know how fights go , wont take long to train me up , feel free to check me out on wow-heroes if you like .
    Also raid in Crusade so not available Wed , Fri and Sun but can soon sort things out to sort all involved .
    Have Mic and Vent .
    Im either on Servious or Hárry if you would like a chat ingame if i suit your needs , either as a raider or social member.

  • Hi Harry,

    Whilst this is our main site, you should visit [link] for all things WoW related.



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