New roster!
21 May 2006 : 13:42  by admin
Hi Shadows!

I have replaced the old plug-in that generated the rank roster. For one it was poorly supported and buggy. And second of all, it wasn't up-to-date anyway.

I said replaced - the new plug-in is much more versatile. Since we lost the data who had which rank and so on (Oh no! What a bummer! - No seriously, I did that on purpose wink ) your qualified admin will re-create the game teams and set up a shiny new, hopefully bug-free roster. All remaining, unknown users will be deleted, and so we clean out the backend while we're at it.

There's one downside: The new roster does not yet support custom ranks. So you will only see teams, the ranks have to be handled ingame. The plug-in's author however plans to implement the ranks in the next version, and if he doesn't, I will.

Please be patient since there's much to sort out, but FLASH, STATIC and KNYSBART should move you to your teams soon. You can edit your gaming profile by selecting your entry from the new roster then.

If you happen to get problems accessing the forums - please send a PM to JAROD and he'll get that fixed for you in no-time.

Find the new roster in the menu:
Fatal Shadows Community -> Roster

Best wishes,
- J
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