Begging ... again
16 Dec 2005 : 16:30  by Jarod

Woah, now STOP paying already! smile Good thing I stopped by and had a look into my email account. Besides one very, very generous donation we also got quite some more which will pay for much longer than a year. You mates are great, I can't thank you enough for this!

I'll hand out badges and make my thank-you-all speech once I get home where I have safe, non-public access to PayPal - that will be early next year.

So long, and thanks for all the dough,
Your fellow Shadow


PS. Have a good start into 2k6 - and don't eat too much cheese!


Hi Shadows!

It's time again: money's gone. The upkeep of this website still is 5 (european) bucks a month, not counting the costs for the domain.

Please donate a few pounds/euros/dollars to keep us alive - of course only if that's what you want.

Yours truly,

PS. Of course you'll get a spiffy forum badge again!

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