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Promotions Nov. 04
21 Nov 2004 : 23:00  by Jarod
Hey folks, promotions time!

Ocino, you better hurry tell Flash that he's our new Brigadier General!

Our first furry Wookie Colonel - that's gonna be interesting ... grats Nerzul!

We have more than one Captain who deserves to join command staff. However, we cannot promote everyone. Telengo, you are our new Major ...with all the experience you bring with you, I'm sure you will do just fine.

Now to someone who long-deservs a promotion because he has done a lot of work lately. That did not go unnoticed and here's the reward: Congratulations Captain Grath!

Booa, u'll be a fine Sergeant!

And Eceetoo, you finally enter The Core as a Fencer. That means full membership, and you know, once FS, forever FS smile

Grats again to all officers, now, back to duty!
 Promotions Nov. 04 by Jarod - 20 Nov 2004 : 18:47 in Star Wars Galaxies
 FS JTL 1on1 Tournament by Jarod - 08 Nov 2004 : 12:31 in Star Wars Galaxies
 Happy birthday Fian! by Jarod - 01 Nov 2004 : 23:40 in Misc
 Happy birthday Pablo by Jarod - 01 Nov 2004 : 02:25 in Misc
 Good News Everyone! by Jarod - 27 Oct 2004 : 09:06 in Misc
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KNYSBART 4 months ago
Star Citizen, anyone active at all?

Kronen 1 year ago
wonder why the repost!

Kronen 1 year ago
Happy New Year FS! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019

Flash 1 year ago
Happy New Year all ! smile

Kronen 1 year ago
Happy New Year FS! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019