JGE Squad Beta: Situation Update

 Static    27 Jul 2008 : 00:07
 None    Jumpgate

TRI Communication Grid Malfunction...

TRI Communication Grid Malfunction... Error, unknown subsystem disrupting base functiona....

Havok Protocol Initiated, Transceiver Control systems bypassed.
Re-routing control data to FS R&D Mainframe.

Link Established... Starting transmission!

Greetings Shadows!

Situation Update...

The application process is now complete.
All relevant data has been processed and security checks performed.
The shadow recon team will consist of 25 volunteers.

The R&D staff is pulling double shifts in preparation for the deployment operation. Fighters are being re-fitted with the third generation Dimensional Hyperdrive.

Note: I'm assured that all problems were ironed out with the second generation model... that being said we never did figure out what happened to all the quant test subjects that got stuck between dimensions during testing... oh well, many more were they came from.

We don't know when the launch window will present itself.
We don't know the area of space well be going into, or the potential hostile environment we'll be facing.
We don't know a great deal of anything really! That's never stopped us before though.

Fly, Fight and Die with Honour!

Additional information detected in data stream ... decoding ...
In addition to what R&D have just announced, all pilots should be aware that FSI are recruiting. If you have what it takes and are not hindered by morale standards, feel free to apply (if you can find the recruitment officer, that is) using "Project Haystack" as the keyword.

Make sure to bring a signed waiver declaration and a specialist-approved confirmation that you are physically fit for receiving deep-layer brain imprints. Psychological profiling and probing will be performed on site. It is not required to sign a will or to inform your relatives, as your training officer will take care of that.

## fingerprint: 'f0x56a7bf836e7f8c9e12387aafd376c55c63582a674' ##

- End of transmission -

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KNYSBART 5 months ago
Star Citizen, anyone active at all?

Kronen 1 year ago
wonder why the repost!

Kronen 1 year ago
Happy New Year FS! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019

Flash 1 year ago
Happy New Year all ! smile

Kronen 1 year ago
Happy New Year FS! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019