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 Jarod    27 Jan 2018 : 17:47
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The site was updated to the latest CMS version

Hello fellow Shadows,

I just rolled out the first site update in the last 4 years.

I spent the whole friggin' afternoon trying to find out if V2.0 of our beloved CMS was finally stable enough, and I concluded: Good enough. There should not have been any data loss.

The new version comes with a sparkly new backend and "modern" code. We can finally use new plugins and themes, if we need them. There's a good chance there are compatible and actually *working* plugins for Teamspeak and other things available to us now - so if you'd like me to check anything out, let me know.

Please report any bugs you find --- don't get your hopes up that I will be able to fix them quickly, but report them nonetheless.

So, yeah I'm still alive, I hope you are too and flying proud! I believe this year will mark this site's 14th birthday, more or less, so heyyy, only four more year and we'll be legal! Well, sort of.

Best regards,
yours Jarod Hekaron
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  • by Kronen in 28 Jan 2018 : 15:51
    Registered: 01 Jan 1970 : 01:00
    Comments: 2
    Location: Leicester, UK
    Very nice smile Come back to Elite!
  • by Flash in 28 Jan 2018 : 12:52
    Comments: 10
    I do too and nice to see you're still around Jarod smile
  • by Static in 27 Jan 2018 : 21:21
    Comments: 48
    Location: Huddersfield
    Oh! Shiny! I like it smile
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KNYSBART 5 months ago
Star Citizen, anyone active at all?

Kronen 1 year ago
wonder why the repost!

Kronen 1 year ago
Happy New Year FS! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019

Flash 1 year ago
Happy New Year all ! smile

Kronen 1 year ago
Happy New Year FS! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019