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** UPDATE 3 **

** UPDATE 3 ** The move is done, within the next 48h all DNS servers on the intarwebs should be able to guide you to w w w . fatalshadows . de to this very site without further redirectioning.
** UPDATE 2 ** I've decided to cancel my contract with the old ISP as a whole, which will make it easier for me to sort out any other domain I have registered with them, hence the fs.de move was delayed a bit. Still please use w w w . fatalshadows . eu for the immediate future.
** UPDATE 1 ** Since I've been in the mood this weekend, the site transfer will go faster than expected. I will cancel FS.de and move it next week. So if you experience any downtime, please use *** w w w . fatalshadows . eu ***

Ladies and gents, I have decided to move us to a new ISP. What does this encompass? Everything, the site, database, everything. New ISP? Yes, we'll have more of everything, DBs, space, traffic and stuff. What does this mean for me? Nothing, really. I will copy the site and have FS.DE forward to the new domain when I'm done. You shouldn't notice anything, only the domain in your address bar will change. No downtime? There will be a transition period with ~2 weeks of downtime of the FS.DE domain once I start the transfer process to the new ISP (later, maybe in a month or two). Since by then the new domain(s) will be up and running, you can go there though, so the site will be available. New domain(s)? Yes, I registered fatalshadows.org and fatalshadows.eu today. fatalshadows.com (which forwards here anyway) is still owned by our American friends (don't know who exactly, Falcon?) and fatalshadows.net - I think - is still owned by Shaft. I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THESE OVER, if the guys are willing to part with them - and I wouldn't mind if you ASKED THEM WHEN YOU MEET THEM. But I'm not gonna push anyone, obviously, the domains belong to them, so it's their choice. Why new ISP, do we need more powah? Hell no, we have more than enough space and stuff, and in all the years I've not had a single problem (on the contrary) with the ISP. It's simple, I work for a major ISP, and I get the new hosting package for FREE. And free beats me paying. So there you go. What about the new site? Yes, I'm still looking into that. But let me be honest with you. We get hardly any traffic. You guys are busy playing (as you should be). I do all this on my private time. I'm lacking some motivation here, you see. As I said I still wanna do it, but it depends on my personal, err, mood. Could be tomorrow, or next week, or ... So there you go. Again. Any questions, shoot me a PM.

  • by admin in 08 Jan 2012 : 13:40
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    Normally sure, Flash, thanks - but I cannot register .co.uk addresses unfortunately - only .de, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .at, .name
  • by Flash in 08 Jan 2012 : 13:09
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    I own fatalshadows.co.uk if that's of any interest?
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KNYSBART 5 months ago
Star Citizen, anyone active at all?

Kronen 1 year ago
wonder why the repost!

Kronen 1 year ago
Happy New Year FS! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019

Flash 1 year ago
Happy New Year all ! smile

Kronen 1 year ago
Happy New Year FS! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2019