JGE Squad Beta: Situation Update

TRI Communication Grid Malfunction...

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Jumpgate Evolution Squad Beta Application Update

Final call for the JGE squad beta application process.

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Jumpgate Evolution Guild Beta

Guild Beta Process Required Data

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Jumpgate Evolution Announced!

Last week Netdevil announced Jumpgate Evolution.

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Jarod 4 months ago
*Waves back*

Malice 4 months ago
Waves special

Malice 7 months ago
Checks in..
Hi all.

KNYSBART 7 months ago
Happy birthday nim! smile

Jarod 8 months ago
Alright I'm switching games too often. After repeatedly running myself over with _my own_ car on PUBG I am now messing up random teams in R6: Siege. And I finished Subnautica, which I wholeheartedly recommend for just *anyone*... because it rocks.