Jumpgate Evolution Guild Beta

 Static    04 Jul 2008 : 19:36
 None    Jumpgate

Guild Beta Process Required Data

TRI Communication Grid Malfunction... Error, unknown subsystem disrupting base functiona....

Havok Protocol Initiated, Transceiver Control systems bypassed.
Re-routing control data to FS R&D Mainframe.

Link Established... Starting transmission!


Greetings Shadows!

It is time to answer the call of duty!
FS Needs You!

All shadow operatives, active or otherwise, (regardless of which division they are attached too) that wish to participate in the the Jumpgate Evolution Beta under the Guild Beta Invite Process are hereby requested to forward there email address to me via PM or mail (whichever method you prefer). I can see the email addresses attached to the profiles but I don't know if these are up to date, even if they are you may wish to use a different address for whatever reason.

The process is purely voluntary but I would like to see as many shadows as possible putting JGE through its paces.
A Maximum of 50 slots, for the JGE Guild Beta application, are available and I would like to see as many as possible filled.

All I need is a working email address, as this will be used by ND to contact you directly.

That's is All.
Fly, Fight and Die with Honour!

Fleet Admiral Static-LG

Fly in Pairs God Dammit! - GA Kronenbrg

This news item is from Fatal Shadows