Site runs on SSL now, updated data protection policy

 Jarod    25 Apr 2018 : 20:16
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Hi all,

Hi all,

We now feature a sparkly new SSL certificate which allows you (alright, *forces* you) to use the site securely encrypted via HTTPS. You'll have to re-login.

Also, I have updated our holy data protection policy to meet the requirements of the new EU regulations going live in May. Since this site is hosted in Germany - to emphasize this, I have configured the .eu and .org domains to redirect here - it's only available in German right now. Also, because, well - have a look. It's such a short text, because we're already very privacy friendly. We don't log or track or embed or sell or archive or facebook anything. Yes, yes... I said short. It is. Take my word for it. English version will follow as soon as it becomes available.

Yours truly,
[Submitted by Jarod]

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